Geek Therapy

Mental Health Services and educational training by Dr. Anthony M Bean, PhD.

Services include:

  • Utilizing Dungeons and Dragons in a group therapy setting
  • Video Game avatar identification for therapeutic and personal transformation
  • Understanding one’s self more wholly based on personal choices
  • Clinician training on utilizing sub cultures in the therapeutic milieu
  • Identification with varying materials found in hobbies, fandoms, and conventions

Training Mental Health Professionals

Being a geek can be seen as difficult for many; the social awkwardness, ineptitude, and judgment from others leads individuals to feeling isolated in a world of their own. Geeks, by traditional definition, are passionate about niche anthologies and obscure characters. Even with the rise of cultural normalization and shows discussing “geek” items, there is still significant mystery surrounding geek culture that perplexes individuals who are not intimately familiar with them.

We provide two opportunities to participate in the Geek Therapy community at

Certified Geek Therapist Training and a Standard of Ethical Behavior.

Certified Geek Therapists use role playing, personal identification, and fantasy play in therapeutic endeavors, in various therapies, and within group therapy dynamics. It is a type of therapy using role playing, fantasy, and personal identities to establish connection, encourage interaction, demonstrate analogous real-life experiences, and to facilitate personal and intrinsic growth within our clients. They are able to distinguish themselves from others by being able to use a specific logo which is licensed to them after completing required training.

Ethical standards have been created for us to adhere to when working with our clients. Designating oneself as a practitioner is an opt-in designation, ensuring that we uphold our community’s ethical standards for ourselves and our patients.  By signing this form, you pledge to hold yourself up to clear and ethical standards of practice of which you can be proud – as can the community. Please see this Ethical Guidelines Opt-In for using Geek Therapy for mental health practices and serving clients: GEEK THERAPY ETHICS.

*Opting in does not allow a practitioner to state that they are a Certified Geek Therapist, or that they have had adequate training in these areas, but that they provide geek therapy to their clients. In order to become a Certified Geek Therapist a clinician must have undergone the formal training, adhere to the Geek Therapy ethical principles, and have shown that they meet the requirements. If you believe you have met them please apply for a Certified Geek Therapist credential.