Who is ANthony Bean?

Dr. Bean is a seasoned psychologist known for his diverse expertise and innovative approach to mental health. With a wealth of experience, he specializes in areas such as video game addiction, psychological assessments, and therapeutic interventions. Dr. Bean is a sought-after expert in media, frequently contributing insights on psychological topics.

His research spans contemporary issues, contributing valuable insights to both academic and practical domains. Known for a dynamic and engaging presence, Dr. Bean is dedicated to fostering well-being through a holistic understanding of mental health, making him a trusted figure in the field.

Video Game addiction and Geek Therapy expert

Court Ordered Psychological Services

License to Carry (LTC) Exam.

Fitness for Duty Exam; Lvl 3 & 4 security clearance

Medical Clearance for Surgery Assessment

Forensic Psychology; Expert Witness 

Service Specialties

Dr. Bean’s extensive expertise extends to incorporating Jungian Therapy and Archetypal Therapy into his practice. Working with individuals of all ages, he addresses diverse challenges related to life circumstances. His approach emphasizes recognizing strengths, normalizing experiences, and utilizing therapeutic modalities like Jungian and Archetypal Therapy with other modalities like Geek Therapy. This innovative blend encourages individuals to rediscover internal strengths, fostering personal growth and fulfillment throughout the lifespan.

Consultation with Dr. Bean 

Explore a personalized journey of consultation with Dr. Bean, where expertise meets individual needs. During your session, Dr. Bean combines a wealth of experience with a tailored approach, addressing diverse areas such as Psychological Assessment, Video Game Therapy, and Legal Clearances. Explore therapeutic modalities like Geek Therapy, Jungian Therapy, and Archetypal Therapy, uniquely adapted to your requirements. Dr. Bean’s consultations extend beyond conventional boundaries, offering insights into fields like surgery clearance, therapeutic game mastering, and expert testimony. Expect engaging discussions, practical guidance, and a collaborative exploration of solutions that resonate with your specific goals and concerns. Below are Dr. Beans most requested consultation topics however, topics are not limited to these and all consultation requests are tailored to client requests. 

Psychological Assessments in three parts: Clinical Interview, Testing, and Findings

Clinical psychological assessments play a pivotal role in understanding and addressing various aspects of mental health. These assessments encompass a broad range of tools and methodologies designed to evaluate cognitive, emotional, and behavioral functioning. From standardized tests measuring intelligence, memory, and attention to personality assessments illuminating individual traits and dynamics, these evaluations offer valuable insights. Additionally, mental health assessments explore further assessment into mood disorders, anxiety, trauma, and other psychological conditions, providing clinicians with a comprehensive understanding of an individual’s mental well-being. Through a careful and nuanced examination, these assessments contribute to the development of tailored interventions and treatment plans, fostering a holistic approach to mental health care.

Court Order Psychological Testing and Witness Testimony

Expert witness testimony in therapy and court-ordered psychological testing serves as a crucial component in legal proceedings and mental health evaluations. Dr. Bean brings a wealth of experience to the courtroom, offering insightful and credible testimony based on a comprehensive understanding of psychological principles.

In therapy-related cases, his expertise extends to explaining and contextualizing therapeutic approaches, ensuring the court gains a clear understanding of the nuances involved. In court-ordered psychological testing scenarios, Dr. Bean utilizes validated assessment tools to provide objective and thorough evaluations, contributing valuable information to legal decision-making. His testimony is not only informed by professional competence but also by a commitment to clarity and accuracy, ensuring a robust foundation for legal deliberations.

Video Game Addiction and Healthy Gaming

Video game addiction is a growing concern, and Dr. Bean specializes in addressing this issue through therapeutic interventions. In his practice, he employs comprehensive addiction assessments to understand the unique challenges individuals face in their relationship with gaming. Dr. Bean recognizes the impact of video game addiction on families and incorporates family-based strategies into therapy.

These strategies focus on fostering open communication, setting boundaries, and promoting healthy screen time habits. By addressing the family dynamic, Dr. Bean aims to create a supportive environment for individuals struggling with video game addiction, fostering both individual and familial well-being through a holistic and tailored therapeutic approach.

Licensed in Multiple States

Dr. Bean is a highly esteemed psychologist with an extensive range of qualifications, holding licensure in over 25 states across the United States. This broad licensure allows him to extend his professional expertise to a diverse and expansive clientele, ensuring that more individuals have access to his specialized services. Dr. Bean offers a seamless and convenient platform for conducting comprehensive psychological assessments. Whether clients are seeking evaluations for personal, educational, or occupational purposes, they can rely on Dr. Bean’s professional and thorough approach. His ability to operate across such a wide geographical area not only demonstrates his dedication to accessibility in mental health care but also highlights his commitment to providing quality psychological services to those in need. This multi-state licensure significantly enhances his capacity to support and guide individuals toward better mental health and well-being, making Dr. Bean a valuable resource in the field of psychology.

Media Appearances with Dr. Bean

Dr. Bean has become a sought-after expert in the media, regularly contributing his insights on various psychological topics. With a dynamic and engaging presence, he has been featured on numerous platforms, including podcasts, TV shows, and radio programs. Whether discussing video game addiction, mental health, or therapeutic interventions, Dr. Bean’s media appearances are characterized by his ability to distill complex concepts into accessible and relatable insights. His articulate and personable approach makes him a trusted source for understanding psychological issues in the modern world, resonating with audiences seeking expert perspectives in an easily digestible format.

Most up to date research with dr. bean

Evidence-based Publications

Dr. Bean’s research endeavors reflect a commitment to advancing the understanding of complex psychological phenomena. With a focus on contemporary issues, his work spans diverse areas such as video game addiction, therapeutic interventions, and the intersection of technology and mental health. Dr. Bean employs rigorous methodologies, incorporating both quantitative and qualitative approaches to gather nuanced insights. His research contributions not only expand the academic discourse but also have practical implications for individuals and professionals alike. Through a dedication to evidence-based exploration, Dr. Bean’s research endeavors contribute significantly to the evolving landscape of psychology, shedding light on crucial aspects of modern-day challenges and therapeutic solutions.

Geek Centric books that examine the psychological impacts of geekdom and those who engage with it. 

Checkpoints and Autosaves breaks down the best geek entertainment available for child development.

A comprehensive compendium of how Geek Therapy clinicians and scholars currently use a variety of games, media artifacts, and other geek culture items in therapeutic context and intervention.

Working with Video Gamers and Games in Therapy moves beyond stereotypes about video game addiction and violence to consider the role that games play in psychological experiences and mental health

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