Upcoming Speaking Events

OK, lots of announcements coming, they were detained by a wall of sickness and project completions. As they say in video games: INC!
First of all @WAMFT has graciously invited me to be the keynote speaker for their March Webinar on How to Therapeutically Work With Video Gamers. There will be trials and tribulations of clinical studies and much more: https://networks.aamft.org/wisconsin/home
Second, I will be presenting with the amazing @DrKowert @FusRoDoc and @silnan at @SXSWGaming on March 17th on the Discovery Stage where we will be presenting on The Psychology of The Legend of Zelda and Mental Health: https://schedule.sxsw.com/2019/events/PP102929?_ga=2.196532008.581601769.1550342131-1740912811.1532400206
Then in between podcasts and other book signings we have panels at #PAXEAST2019 @PAXEAST_2019: The first The Psychology of the Final Fantasy Series in the Albatross Theatre with @DrKowert, @silnan, @FusRoDoc, and @stephanieorme. This is one you will not want to miss!
Next panel at @PAXEAST_2019 Empowering Gamers: How Clinicians Use Video Games in the Cuttlefish Theatre with @DrRKelly, @XsarahdactylX, @KelliNDunlap, @TheeDoctorB, and @aeneiaART! It is going to be one heck of a panel with this crew!
Onto the next one!: Games for Good: How Games Make us Better in the Arachnid Theatre Hosted by @DrKowert and featuring @SparksforSharks, @DrRKelly, @TheeDoctorB, @StackUpDotOrg, and myself @PAXEAST_2019 #PAXEAST2019 Definitely going to be a super important one to attend.
This next one is going to be killer as well: Remaking or Reinventing Games? The Science behind Nostalgia in the Condor Theatre hosted by @FusRoDoc and featuring @XsarahdactylX, @silnan, @DrKowert, and @DrRKelly #PAXEAST2019 @PAXEAST_2019
And finally the last one for #PAXEAST2019 So You Want To Use Gaming In Your Career (Somehow) in the Bumblebee Theatre with @XsarahdactylX, @DrRKelly, @SparksforSharks, @DrKowert, amd @KelliNDunlap! Researchers, clinicians, and game experts!
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