PAX West!

I will be at PAX West this upcoming August 31st through September 2nd.

We will be discussing three different topics while there and are available for discussions and signing books!

Panels include:

The Psychology of The Legend of Zelda Franchise
Link is thrust into his destiny of having to defeat evil by collecting items and tools throughout Hyrule, proving himself a hero and eventually leading to a showdown with a villain. However, his journey is not just as simple as defeating evil and saving the princess. There are multiple and significant psychological concepts at play throughout different variations of this video game. This panel will Link the psychological concepts found in each game for discussion and questions from the audience.
For panelists we have myself, Rachel Kowert, Phd, Stephen Daniel PhD, and Sarah Hays, PsyD.
Villains Versus Heroes: The Moral High-Ground

Moral choice and moral player development has been discussed frequently by game developers, critics, and players alike. However, little has been discussed on how these moral dilemmas make us feel when we make a choice. Shadow of the Colossus, Undertale, and Spec Ops: The Line are all exceptional examples of this choice making system. The premise of this panel is to discuss moral development in games and how it affects our thinking patterns based upon playing ruthlessly or compassionately.



WHO Said What?!: Let’s Talk Facts About Gaming Disorder

In June 2018 the World Health Organization (WHO) decided to include an official diagnosis for gaming addiction in their upcoming manual of diagnoses. The decision sent shockwaves throughout the world. What does this diagnosis mean, exactly? What counts as “addiction”? Why are people so keen on making it a diagnosis? Join Take This and our panel of mental health experts and researchers as we discuss this controversial diagnosis.

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