A Call for Video Game Participants!

Hello Gamers!

I am sending out an important call for video gamers to share their experiences found in the video game world!  I believe we all play video games because of a certain emotional attachment, game character, or something else that we just can’t seem to put our finger on.

If you have had one of these important experiences, including playing with friends online or in your living room, please consider taking my quick survey about your experience.  It is a simple two questions and I want to hear about it!  These are important matters that help change the idea of the video gamer in the public eye and are important on helping us show the importance of the video gamer and the virtual realms we are so fond of!

If interested please take a look at the link and fill out as much as you can!


Thank you and as always, feel free to email me with any questions!

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6 Responses to A Call for Video Game Participants!

  1. petermself says:

    Hi! I like the idea of that, but hope that you are including more factors into it. Saying that we play games because of emotional connection is very generalizing. I am assuming that you are therefore focussing on games that include an actual narrative? If so, great, because it seems to be a field where not enough is known, and also the field I myself am interested in.
    But you are very specifically prompting people who Have experienced emotional connection to take the survey, which also means you will only get that part of the picture, and therefore probably will not hear a lot from the people who does not recall such deep impacts.

    I am mentioning this because I am probably a part of the last category. I consume a narrative based game in the same way as a book or a film one could say. I enjoy it a lot, and appreciate the story, and it can make me smile and feel sad along the ride. But as it so often happens these emotions disappear very quickly afterwards again, and within a few days the emotional impact of the game has definitely left me.

    I hope you find this comment constructive (as that was the intention). I just wanted to offer a different side to the story. With that said I look forward to seeing what comes of the research!

    • Anthony Bean says:

      This is great stuff!

      And yes this is just a beginning survey to ask about the personal and emotional attachments to specific video games. There will be another one with more in depth information later on. As for the games themselves, any game narrative or not can be included. I appreciate the comment!

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