Guest Speaking On Tauren Think Tank!

Hello there gamers,

Recently I was on the podcast again of Tauren Think Tank! As always they are in amazing bunch of people to interact with. They all have kind hearts, exploratory and informative personalities, and really really great questions.

This podcast was is especially informative and important because of the topics that we covered. Namely, the topics of coping mechanisms, defenses, relationships, anxiety about money, and really a lot more introspective information that applies to a lot of different people.  Jules and Marconin are really great people who cared deeply about their fan base and how they can do anything within their own grasp to help them. These qualities very missed in today’s society and show yet another way that gamers interact in an attempt to help one another.

Even though this podcast was primarily aimed at video gamers tonight these topics are found in our everyday lives and could provide some very intense help for other individuals who may be asking for or searching for it. Both hosts know what they are doing in attempt to bring the conversations farther than what ordinary individuals would. These qualities are what set them apart from other individuals completing podcasts today.

Mass media has expected us, as gamers, to not be as helpful, conscientious, or insightful as some of the snow massive stereotypes continue to exist today. We discussed these on the podcast tonight as well and how some important individuals are attempting to break the stereotypes. Without breaking them society will continue to view the video gamer is an inept individual even with the mass amount of research that has come across us stating otherwise.

It was a fascinating discussion we had tonight on the fast range of topics and I really hope that helped a lot of individuals who were seeking help or even a little guidance.

I will edit this further once they have completed uploading the podcast. Until next time.

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