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Hello fellow gamers,

A new recent study has shown that teens technology and friendships actually go pretty well together. A recent article from Pew Research Center shows that teens technology and friendships actually matter.

As his research shows through its many graphs important features in other areas of pew research 57 % of all teens have made new friends online. A big question in this case is what does this mean. In fact most sociological and psychological minded individuals would agree with this research. Even though it’s based primarily on American teens it still is able to show us quite a bit about the online environments that we all participate in.

What this further also means is that individuals a.k.a. American teens are not just looking in their current surroundings for friends or making friends but they actually go online they play video games of the people they use technology in the also look at other means of making friendships. Does this mean that these friendships are in religious as they play one or two games of them? Many people would agree with that statement however they would be considerably wrong.

Just because people go online to look at friends make friends and interact with other individuals across a virtual space doesn’t conclude that they are actually not friends. This is one of the major downfalls that we have in our current society viewing online gaming or other areas as not to real friendships. I cannot tell you how many parents come into our office talking about how their children “all they do is play video games.” Then they usually go and say I want to do something else being plugged in isn’t real. This is where we as mental health experts need to be more intertwined with current reality changes in paradigm switches. If we do not evolve with it and look past just simple technology and being plugged in we are most likely to be lost within a lot of different areas.

The current research from pew is extremely important in this entire ideology. It is going to help us shape how we view these types of phenomenons that occur online.

What this research additionally shows is that playing video games is not just a solidarity tactic or action but that we play with other individuals we interact with people we are able to go and actually have companion ships across virtual rounds. This is what we should be focusing on how to create further relationships with people or thousands of miles away people we would necessarily be able to see meet greet be able to actually have a conversation with with out this technology.

Take a look at the research for yourself and you will see it is better to look at the research directly than be told about it:

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