Dissertation Proposal Completed!

Achievement Unlocked!

Long time no writing.  This dissertation is a new boss monster that I have not seen the likes of before.  However, it is a little bit closer to completion.  Now I did this a little out of order, but still had all of the correct documentation involved in order to make it this far in the process.

As of now, it is done!  The proposal is completed at 39 pages of total writing.  This is going to be one hell of a process to run through it all.  In total, I have confirmed 21,483 full completions of the survey and about 13-14k partials I have to sift through when I pull it down this weekend to examine it a little more.  In total that means I have had about 35,475 (by the survey’s count) respondents at least looking at the survey.  I am hoping this will provide good and a rich data source for us to view video gamers in a different light.

The future looks good as I am right on track for completion of the dissertation by August of this year.  The only hiccups I foresee are the ones where I have to learn how to do LCA (latent class analysis) on a new computer program in order to appropriately analyze this all.  That will be by far the most difficult upcoming effort and event, but it would not have been possible without all of the video gamers out there.  I truly appreciate your help with this project and will share more updates here as they come through.

If anyone is still interested and has not taken the survey yet, here is the link:  http://www.surveygizmo.com/s3/1530000/21d37f720053

Feel free to share it and be sure not to take it more than once.  It will be closed sometime this weekend.  And don’t forget to live the many lives video games can give you.

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