News for the Video Game Industry

Lately there have been numerous accusations against the video game industry yet again for violence and violent acts against other individuals.  It still has sparked multiple debates among our own uninformed politicians and does not look like it will be stopping anytime soon.  It is a sad day when we still have to have a debate on something that is protected by amendment rights like guns (2nd) and video games (1st).


Biden has been saying that there is not a legal reason to why we could not tax the video game industry for their violent ideas and creations.  Unfortunately, he must be thinking with an addled brain at this point to determine this.  Video games have already been subjugated to the supreme court in the past and it was held up that they were a freedom of speech.  This is very ignorant of our government to be making these accusations, but what else is new?

On a more positive note, the video game industry is not standing back and taking the NRA accusations of the video games using guns lightly.  EA announced a couple weeks back that they will now stop paying for the license rights to use the actual guns in the video games, but will continue to use them.  They are saying that they do not need to have the rights anymore because of the 1st amendment; bravo EA, thank you for taking a stand!

Other news that has happened recently is that video games have been shown to increase reading fluency in children with dyslexia, increase cognitive ability in the elderly, promote exercise for the youth, and even create morality in gamers.  I mean, why all the negative publicity?

A couple of recent studies published as well have been showing that video games may increase aggression for a short period of time after playing them, but it is because of a competitive notion found within the games!  Step back Bushman, Anderson, and Gentile!  I also enjoyed Gentile’s statement that video game addiction kills individuals every year.  There has been no such study promoting this or even suggesting it; just more rambles from individuals.  If you look at this idea of video game addiction, his 11 question survey, and just switch out the words for football, children, and even school, most of us are addicted to them as well.  Hopefully we will be able to continue on without the idiocy that governs our nation soon enough.  Also, my study is almost done and should be posted shortly on personality and WoW!  

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