World of Warcraft Research!

This will only be available until the end of Jan, pass it around to anyone that may be interested!

 My name is Anthony Bean and I am a Ph.D. student at Pacifica Graduate Institute conducting research on the personality of character choice and playing style of World of Warcraft players. This research is being supervised by Gary Groth-Marnat, Ph.D. and if there are any concerns about the research he can be contacted at 805-969-3626 x123.
I want to ask you if you could take 10-15 minutes of your time to fill in the questionnaire. Your answers will be anonymous. You do not need to disclose your actual name or game identity in the survey (so you are individually anonymous), but we will ask you about some background information about your character choice, time spent playing, and server you currently are on.  This information will be kept private and only used in analysis.  Individual server names will be published, but will be unidentifiable to which participant plays on what server.   If you are uncomfortable answering this question, you can leave the question blank.  Your character name or any other private information will not be asked in this survey.
During this questionnaire you will be asked questions about your game playing style, what main character class and race you choose to play as, the amount of time spent playing World of Warcraft, and several other types of questions.  These questions are for research purposes only and will not be used to identify any individual playing the game or answering this survey.  You will also be asked to answer a quick survey on your personality style and have the option of receiving a summary and brief interpretation of the results at the end of the survey. In order for this to be an accurate representation of your personality, you will need to answer all questions as truthfully as possible. There are no right or wrong answers.
Your participation is highly appreciated, but of course it is entirely voluntary. If you want, you can stop with the questionnaire at any moment. If you already filled in the previous questionnaire, thank you very much and please designate this on one of the appropriate survey questions.  Any questions can be directed to me by emailing  If you like the survey and found it useful, please feel free to send it to your friends who also play World of Warcraft.  Thank you and please read the informed consent below before beginning the survey!

Informed Consent

Before taking the online survey please read this informed consent and acknowledge that you read and understand the terms of participating.  After reading the bullet points, please click on the link to proceed with the survey.
1.      I agree to participate in this study on World of Warcraft characters, personality, and playing styles.
2.      I understand that this study is of a research nature.  It may offer no direct benefit to me.
3.      Participation of this study is completely voluntary.  I may refuse to enter it or may withdraw from it at any time without creating any harmful consequences to myself.  I can leave any question I am not comfortable with answering blank.  I understand also that the investigator may drop me at any time from the study.
4.      The purpose of this study is to learn more about the characteristics of individual’s personality along with main character and playing choice.
5.      I understand that some of the questions may be embarrassing or annoying to me.  The researcher has explained that my name will not be recorded on the questionnaire and that my answers will be used only by the investigator in analysis of the data.
6.      I understand that this research may result in understanding the different personality types of individuals playing various roles within virtual reality which will not be of immediate value to me personally.
7.      Information about this study and how to participate has been given to me by the researcher.  I can reach him any time I have a question by emailing
8.      I understand that participating in this survey should take 10-15 minutes to complete.
9.      I am not receiving any compensation for participating in this study.
10. By clicking the link below states that I have read this informed consent page, that I am over the age of 18, and serves as an acknowledgement that I am answering truthfully to the statements.

Here is the link to the survey: WoW Personality and Character Survey  Enjoy!

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