Good News For Video Games and Kids!


Here is a link to another blogger;s post that I found today.  It deals with Jane McGonigal and her view on the video games.  For all of the people who do not know who she is, you probably should if you are interested in video games and research.

Doctor McGonigal is the author of the book “Reality is Broken” and it is an interesting read to say the least.  There is a lot of information in this book about the recent video game research and how it affects us all personally.  She does go into some great detail about video games and it is shaping us.  Additionally, there are some interesting research projects that are starting around the US with not video games, but the idea of creating a school with levels and secret quests that have been shown to be quite positive.

A small downside to her book that I saw was that it seemed to be another reinvention of the happiness theory and why we are happy by keeping busy.  Furthermore, it does not go into much detail as I think it could with the ideas behind video games and theory.  It reminded me of a Cognitive Behavioral approach and it has been shown that there is a personality element to be seen in video game play.  A small drawback to a great piece of work.  I would suggest anyone interested that they should at least take a peek.

The research spans from regular gamers to individuals who have never played a video game in their life, to different professions that use video games to enhance skills (surgical, race car, military).  There is quite a lot of research on this if you are willing to use google scholar or a school’s research database.

Here is a quote from Doctor McGonigal :

“kids who play games develop remarkable logical thinking, problem solving, observational, strategic, multi-tasking and visual skill”

Here is the link to the book on Amazon:

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