Video Games are Not the Reason Negative Things Happen

I have been reading a lot about the Sandy Hook incident and my heart goes out to the lives lost to the horrendous tragedy.  It is a shame that this has been a major incident in 2012 and in our countries history.  It should never be like this for anyone.

Additionally, most of the media, (FOX, which we all know does not throw their own opinions out to the world as real facts *cough cough*, CBS, NBC) has been on a witch hunt of video games and forcing the blame onto them because of the tragedy.  I find this very disturbing as thus far there has been no definitive proof that the shooter even played video games.  There is some evidence building that there was a mental health situation, but it has NOT been documented well either.

The NRA is the current blamer of video games as they may not want harsher sanctions put on any form of control.  Let’s face it, there is no regulation on guns, as long as you can pass a background check, which is minor compared to what has to happen to work in a mental health field or school, or show up to a gun show, you can obtain a gun.  In this case, the shooter was not able to obtain a gun due to his stability difficulties, per news channels.

Blaming and burning video games though?  How is this even a legitamate request?  Violent video games have been shown to have some adverse effects, but what about the rest of the media world?  What about parents and their parenting of the children?  It is justifiable to point out that the shooter’s mother, who was a teacher, had the guns, why?  It still remains unclear.

It has actually even been proven that if parents choose different video games for their children or at the very least monitor what their child is playing then the chance for violence decreases drastically.  The advantage of playing with the children is at least two fold, you can see what they are playing and you can ensure that they do know that this is a fake world and not how the real world works.  Where is anyone doing this?

It has been shown that individuals are shaped most by their parents besides their temperament when they are born.  Is this taken into consideration?  Negative.  I am not one to blame parents for behavior, but the evidence is quite ridiculously in favor of this.  Maybe it is time to start blaming anything that pops up in our face as a possibility and maybe look at the how the children are raised, how do they learn, what do they do, how do they behave, what are the parents doing to increase or decrease behaviors, what are people being allowed to do?

To blame the Sandy Hook incident on video games is to say that Obama won the election using little micro probes to influence the minds of people or that “The Dark Knight” was about Obama and him fighting against the Republicans as Rush Limbaugh has stated on multiple occasions.


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